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Fall PB/MHC Cohort

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Hello Everyone! This is my first post on here! Love the cohort!

My name is Fiyin Obayan and I'm the founder of Okiki Consulting!

I empower brands to tell their stories through video content strategy, videography and video editing in both English and French.

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Andreen Forbes

Session Playback - Week 3: Business Model Planning with @Agnes Nkundabagenzi

Key Takeaways:

Andreen Forbes

Session Playback - Week 2: Branding Audit with @Ashley Wright

Key Takeaways:

- Consider: who are you, who do you, what do you offer, why are you unique.

Session Playback - Week 1: Adding Value & ROI with @Andrea Henry

Key Takeaways:

- Even if you're a one person business, build an org chat for yourself and identify the roles that you will eventually need to fill

Andreen Forbes
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